Victoria Coglianese

Victoria Coglianese

I believe that you & I are wonderfully made in body, mind, & spirit. We are made to be healed and to thrive in this life!

5 years Experience · Dietetics, Nutrition · she, her, hers

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About me

Hi! I’m Victoria Coglianese, a registered dietitian nutritionist and trained in functional nutrition with a passion to help people transform their chronic health conditions and reclaim their innate capability to thrive!

I help people with chronic health conditions and weight loss resistance address underlying gut and hormonal issues through a functional nutrition approach to transform their metabolic health so they can heal, lose weight, and optimize their energy to live a purpose-driven life!

I know you are seeking something greater for your life. You want to love your body like you know you should, but it seems impossible when you are suffering with symptoms and the seeming impossibility to lose weight.

What if root-cause solutions were possible? What if losing weight meant you finally nourishing your body in the way it feels best? How would your life be different if you didn’t have to force yourself to do strict dieting or excessive amounts of exercise that leave you exhausted, defeated, and craving more food?

Words that come to my mind are peace, joy, and confidence.

My Philosophy

Have you ever worked with other health professionals who didn’t listen to you or your whole health story, or just sent you away with an unsatisfying answer and perhaps just a prescription for medicine? I’ve been there. Many, many of times. I felt hopeless. I felt frustrated. I felt like my body was failing. And if that’s you too, then you’re in the right place.

Working with me means talking about what many others are not talking about.

Working with me, we’ll dig deeper. I’ll listen to you. I want to know your whole health story. We’ll work together to find the right approach for you.

I seek to discover the root causes and then treat those through real food nutrition therapies in a functional nutrition approach that gets to the heart of the matter by addressing the root causes. I work with utmost integrity amidst a health & wellness sphere muddied by extremes, soundbites, and disengagement with the human as a whole person.

Things I address with almost every client:

  • Healing the gut
  • Working toward an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Reducing highly processed foods
  • Implementing real, wholesome foods
  • Addressing food sensitivities
  • Recommending supplements. These can help bridge the gap from illness to health, and then we’ll work to get you off of them!

Bachelor of Science (BS) Nutrition Sciences & Dietetics; Chemistry minor, Rutgers University

  • Registered Dietitian
  • Diabetes Lifestyle Coach Certification
  • Functional Nutrition Lab in Full Body Systems from the Functional Nutrition Alliance

Treatments offered

Nutritional Counseling, Metabolic Nutrition

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