Can Constipation Cause Back Pain?

Can Constipation Cause Back Pain?

Constipation can be caused by many factors. We'll explore the many factors and the question of can constipation cause back pain?
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Nutritionist for IBS: The Best Way to Make Dietary Changes

A nutritionist for IBS can help people identify and manage dietary triggers. Learn how nutritional therapy can help you create a diet plan to reduce symptoms.
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Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy and CBT for IBS: Do They Work?

Read about gut-directed hypnotherapy and gut-directed cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), two noninvasive complementary therapies for irritable bowel syndrome.
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Nutrition Therapy for IBS: How to Hurt Less

Changing your diet is one of the most effective ways to manage irritable bowel syndrome. Learn how nutrition therapy for IBS can help manage your condition.
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Symptoms of an IBS Attack: Here’s What to Look For

Symptoms of an IBS attack can be hard to distinguish from normal gastrointestinal issues. Learn what an IBS attack is, how to spot one, and how to treat it.

What are Probiotics?

How do probiotics impact your body, more specifically, what role do they play in helping balance and maintain your gut biome?
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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): What It Is [+ Holistic Remedies]

Discover why irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a challenging condition to treat along with Western and complementary treatments that can improve your symptoms.
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What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)?

What is complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)? Read to learn about complementary and alternative therapies and how to find reliable practitioners.
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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Symptoms and How to Deal With Them Holistically

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is challenging to treat. Learn how to combine Western treatment methods with alternative therapies to relieve IBS symptoms.
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Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Chronic Conditions

Living with a chronic condition can leave you feeling drained. Learn how complementary medicine can help you heal while managing the discomforts of treatment.
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