Lisa  Ayala

Lisa Ayala

Easy to achieve nutritional counseling, herbal support programs from experienced Naturopath and Herbalist

Herbalist 1997; Iridologist 1997; Certified Natural Health Professional 2000; Naturopath since 2003 Experience · Dietetics, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Holistic Health Care, Herbology

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About me

I have been an Herbalist since 1997. I have also been doing Iridology since 1997 and have been a Naturopath since 2003. What does that mean for you? I have ample experience working with digestive complaints, diabetes, cancer, women's issues, men's issue, allergies and asthma, cancer, nutrition, etc., and working with people who want to lose weight. I work with my clients in small steps and teach them how to make small, but effective changes so they can take charge of their lives and their health. I was a client of an Herbalist who helped me overcome many things, some of which were quite serious. So I come from the position of having been on the other side. The best thing I could teach you is how to help yourself.

Certified Herbalist & Iridologist; Certified Natural Health Professional; Doctor of Naturopathy

Certified Herbalist & iridologist; Certified Natural Health Professional; Doctor of Naturopathy

Treatments offered

Hormonal nutrition, Lifestyle Consultations, Metabolic Nutrition, Nutritional Counseling, Nutritional testing, Specialized Diet Planning, Supplements, Well Visits, Women's health nutrition, Holistic Health Care, Iridology

Communities of focus

Women, Men, Hispanic and Latino, Black and African American, Asian and Pacific Islander, Communities of Faith, Gender-affirming, LGBTQ+, Native American, Veterans

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