Jenna Polk MS, CNS Candidate

Jenna Polk MS, CNS Candidate

Nutritionist and Herbalist specializing in women's health, hormones, and gut health.

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About me

HI! I’m Jenna, Holistic Health Educator, Nutrition Intern, and Herbalist. I specialise in the holistic health and wellness of women – many of whom are coping with menstrual health challenges and gut function imbalances. My down-to-earth, gentle and scientifically grounded approach supports women in healing their root causes and feeling like themselves again. Although, I specialize in women's health, I am happy to work with anyone who wants a perspective and guidance when it comes to food, herbs, and supplements.

I am on a mission to help women reclaim their health and wellness by breaking free from societal norms and what they’ve been told they should be doing that hasn’t worked. Instead, I help women find real solutions that get to the root cause of symptoms and health concerns so you can take back your health and reconnect with your body again. I will help you to optimize and balance your health and wellness, hormones and gut health.

Welcome to a whole new experience in women's health. The place where you can learn more natural and holistic ways to ten to your relationship with your body, cycles, hormones, reproductive health, and feel vibrant at every stage life brings.

Master of Science Nutrition & Integrative Health AOC Herbal Medicine, PBC Herbal Studies.

CNS, LDN, MS Nutrition & Integrative Health AOC Herbal Medicine, PBC Herbal Studies.

Treatments offered

Botanical Medicine, Hormonal Nutrition, Medical Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Women's health nutrition, Metabolic Nutrition

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