Denise Groothuis

Denise Groothuis

Functional Registered Dietitian Who Specializes in Gut Health

20 Experience · Dietetics, Nutrition

  • Virtual appointments

About me

Hi! I am Denise Groothuis, a registered dietitian and functional medicine practitioner. I believe in an individual approach to health where I look for the root causes of your issues. I specialize in the gut and the gut-brain axis, including SIBO and IBS and how our gut affects our mental health. My prior experience includes community nutrition and outpatient nutrition including issues from weight loss, diabetes, HTN, heart disease and GI complaints.

BS Cornell University MS, Applied Physiology and Nutrition, Teacher's College, Columbia University

RD - Registered Dietitian CPT- Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Treatments offered

FODMAP, Gluten-Free, Hormonal Nutrition, Women's health nutrition, Supplements, IBS/Crohn's/UC Specialization, Medical Nutrition, Nutritional Counseling, Specialized Diet Planning

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