Christa Mantey

Christa Mantey

Registered Dietitian, Certified Lactation Educator

15 years Experience · Lactation, Dietetics, Nutrition · She/her

  • Virtual appointments

About me

Hi! I’m Christa Mantey and as a Registered Dietitian and holistic health coach, I focus on intuitive eating and encourage my clients to honor their bodies and the wisdom within. I also love helping new and expecting parents navigate parenthood and sharing some insights I learned as a Gottman Institute educator on relationships after baby. As a lactation educator, I enjoy helping new mothers with their breastfeeding journey.

My Philosophy

I believe there are many aspects to well being and we look at much more than food during our sessions. Physical activity, relationships, career and spiritual connection influence our health in addition to what we eat.


Treatments offered

Breastfeeding, Gluten-Free, Lifestyle Consultations, Nutritional Counseling, Postpartum Support, Women's health nutrition

Communities of focus


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