Kara Dowdall, MS, NBC-HWC

Kara Dowdall, MS, NBC-HWC

You are powerful! Let's work together to help you find optimal health and healing.

7 Experience · Nutrition, Behavioral Therapy (Chronic Illness Specialization), Health Coaching, Behavioral Change, Health for Couples, Stress Management, Autoimmune, Functional Lab Testing · She/Her

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About me

Hello! I look forward to meeting you! A little about me . .

I am a nationally certified health & wellness coach. Utilizing the philosophies of lifestyle, functional and culinary medicine, I work with my clients to help them getting to the root cause of illness and find long-lasting healing in their lives.

Are you interested in health coaching for you and your partner? Ask about the Better Together program which addresses the unique health and wellness needs of you and your partner.

MS, Health Care Services Duke (Coaching), Various Certificates

NBC-HWC, MS, Certified Level 3 Applied Functional Medicine Consultant

Treatments offered

Gluten-Free, Botanical Medicine, General Chronic Illness Specialization, Hormonal Nutrition, Lifestyle Consultations, Nutritional Counseling, Women's health nutrition, Nutrition for Autoimmune, Culinary Medicine, Food is Medicine, Stress Management, Meditation, Nutritional testing, Functional medicine testing, Lab analysis

Communities of focus

Women, Men, Couples, Partners

Bright Belly
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